Press information "Baking with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Westmark to extend their range of baking products range with cutters! At last year’s Ambiente, the topic of ‘Baking with Westmark’ was presented as a complete module for the first time with an extensive range of articles, from baking tins in various qualities to decorating pens and modelling sets. As a result of its great success, this product range has now been extended by a concept featuring the most popular biscuit cutters.
Press information "Baking with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Westmark is to extend their baking product range with a rolling pin series and a classic measuring cup. The Westmark bakery, with its multitude of baking tins and an array of patisserie tools such as spatulas, piping nozzles, decorating pens, dough scoops etc. summarises the concept of product utility through clear, informative and yet emotionally attractive packaging designs.
Press information "Presentation series and kitchen aids"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) The presentation items of the ‘Gallant’ series are produced in heat-resistant polyamide – completely MADE IN GERMANY – in the Westmark works in Lennestadt-Elspe. The two-colour comfort, soft-touch grip combines attractive looks and the desired functionality. In the meantime, this series has been supplemented by 20 kitchen aids covering the most popular accessories ranging from potato peelers via pastry brushes and apple corers right up to pizza cutters.
Press information "Asparagus time with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) As a peeler specialist, Westmark has always provided various special peelers for delicate asparagus. Whether a simple peeler, a special tongs model or a time-saving double-peeler, the right item can be found for every preference. Westmark, which is developing into a concept provider, thus ‘rounds off’ the topic of asparagus. Butter pan, asparagus platter and thermal gravy boat – together with the asparagus tongs – complete the range.
Press information "Wood with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Westmark is extending their product range with several high-quality wooden products. Wooden products are once again enjoying popularity. In order to satisfy this spectrum of demand, too, Westmark will be presenting a high-quality wooden series at this year’s Ambiente – comprising of fish slices, wooden spoons, spoons with hole and salad servers.
Press information "Saleen extends the table set product range"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Saleen - a brand for high-quality table sets and baskets made from synthetic material. Nature enters the home ambience in many and varied forms. Saleen is renowned for combining natural looks with the benefits of synthetic materials. The new marble-appearance table sets made from easy-care plastic look deceptively realistic, yet consistently address the requirements placed on this product group.
Press information "Saleen meets porcelain"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) The easy-care, hygienic synthetic wicker under the brand name Saleen from Westmark meets porcelain. Bowls and saucers in various shapes embedded in attractive basket housings in beige and black impart a charming country house style.
Press information "Baking with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Baking is trend, style, creativity, joy, cosiness, temptation, feeling at home, giving, pampering, saying thank you, ... and naturally Westmark helps out.
Presseinformation "Saleen – the springtime colour offensive"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Saleen, the brand from Westmark, lures springtime with varied fresh colours. Red, orange, yellow, green, pink and aquamarine coloured fine-mesh sets are new in the product range. Imaginatively decorated as a spring bouquet in a Saleen bag, this is a real eye-catcher and display tip.
Presseinformation "Salads and barbecues with Westmark"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Summer, sun ... and the garden beckons. Everyone is drawn outdoors. Barbecuing, pleasant evenings with the family and friends or lively garden parties are the prominent picture. Westmark offers a comprehensive range of kitchen aids such as peelers, herb shears, graters, strainers, salad spinners on up to salad bowls. In a nutshell, a true complete packet for preparing the popular 'salad' summer dish.
Presseinformation "Saleen – new colour variations in the braided sets"
(Elspe/Sauerland.) Saleen, the brand from Westmark, is a synonym for braided table sets. Manufactured in a great number of colours, the sets are genuine decorative mats for plates and the like.

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